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Vortex mixers are an important part of any lab that needs to mix or stir liquids thoroughly. The vortexing action (video link) assures an even blending and since you just push the tube or beaker against the Vortexer you don’t need to waste any time loading a shaker.

Now Benchmark has released a new mini Vortex mixer, one with a bit of color to it. Introducing the Benchmark Scientific Vornado

5002The Vornado measures less than 4″ wide and mixes with a fixed speed of 2800 rpm on a 4mm orbit. It can handle tubes up to 50ml in capacity. The overall size is under 4″ x 4″ making it perfect for crowded labs. And yes, that does mean it can literally fit in the palm of some people’s hands.

Like most Vortexers, it is instant-touch operated. Press down the container or tube and the Vornado goes immediately into action. Remove it and it instantly stops. Operation of the Vornado, like most Benchmark Vortexers is quiet.  The head is design to prevent any spilled liquid from entering the 5001amechanism.

The baby blue Vornado is the poster child for this line, but in a colorful twist BenchMark offers the Vornado in several colors. A more professional grey head, a bright green model, purple, and finally a red unit.

5001bLike many other Benchmark products we offer Free Shipping within the continental USA. HI, AK, and PR should contact us for a shipping quote. This unit operates on 115V but a 220V version is available. Contact us for details.

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