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Alternative energy is rapidly becoming one of the major topics of study in the classroom and Spectrum has supplied kits that produce energy via solar, hydrogen and wind. In that latter production category we have recently added a series of Savonius Wind Turbines and Windmill generators by PicoTurbine:


TheSavonius V3 has a simple verticle turbine design that requires no aiming towards oncoming wind. It will pick up the breeze whatever its direction. Energy generation is simple, a few powerful magnets are placed on the bottom of the turbine:


This is over coils of wire in the base that have current induced in them as the magnets pass over them. It is a simple design that generates electricity from wind power. This can be measured with a multimeter or used to power LED lights, etc.

A step up from the V3 is the V3 Plus which includes a rectifier for converting the generated AC current into DC current (better for operating low-voltage electronics).


For classroom work, the STEM Plus 4 pack is four of the wind turbines, converter and software for measuring the turbine production so that students can measure the turbine’s efficiency.


As is often the case, we have some videos of the product in action!

Savonius Turbine:

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