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Quick Pick Gifts Under $15!

OK, let’s just talk about low-cost gifts for a few minutes.  Here is list of gifts that are under $15 (or even lower cost) that make excellent gifts for people.

Brain Cell Giant Microbe ($8.95)


What a great way to say ‘Get a brain!’ without being insulting….mostly.

Make your own Gummies! ($14.99)


Because who doesn’t want Gummies!

Radiometer ($14.99)


The classic solar toy is a winner all around.

Cannon Ball Shooter ($14.99)


Maybe you didn’t start the war, but you will end it with little foam balls!

Mini Newton’s Cradle ($4.99)


Conservation of Momentum – now in Fun Size!

Enhanced Color Crystal Geodes – $12.95


Brightly colored crystal geodes that are 4-5″ across. Really pretty!

Drinking Bird $7.99


How can you not have a Drinking Bird?

Metal Earth Models – Sydney Opera House $13.99


Just one of many Metal Earth models, all of which are $13.99 or less

Shop for science toys.

Shop for toys under $15

Shop for toys under $10

Shop for toys under $5


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