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New Fossils

We’ve carried fossils in the past, and still have quite a few. But sometimes old sources dry up and we need to find new ones. We have recently added some great new fossils for starting collectors. First up we have a Goniatite Fossil


Goniatite Fossils are ancestors of the modern nautilus mullosks. They are 350 years old and these fossils are polished to make a smooth surface over their spiraling shape. These fossils are 2-2-1/2″ on their long side.

Next up we have a fossil of an ancient squid-like creature: The Otherceras


Orthoceras fossils date back 350- 400 million years and these examples are 3-4″ long.

Finally we now have some more rough examples of Ammonite, specifically some White Ammonite Fossils:


Formed from the shells of ancient cephelapods like Goniatites, except the Ammoniute fossils are more recent (180 million years old) and have a more ‘circular’ spiral pattern. We have carried Ammonite fossils in the past that were cut and polished. These White Ammonite fossils are rough and have their surface features on both sides of the fossil. They are a bargain at under $5!

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