What's new here?

We recently added the Boogie Board, a LCD pad for drawing and writing.


The Boogie Board is an update of the classic ‘Magic Slate’ toy from the 50’s. Here you can use the stylus or even your own finger to draw on the screen. You can make lists, do math, draw pictures, and when you are done just push the button at the top of the Boogie Board and in a flash it wipes the screen clean! The Boogie Board can be wiped clean over 50,000 times on its included battery.

The Boogie Board comes in multiple colors. We carry black, cyan, pink, and flowers.

The Boogie Board is very thin – just 1/8″ thick and weighing just 4.2 oz, making it a good choice for young kids who might drop a heavier electronic pad.


The Boogie Board is a great idea where scratch paper might have been used.

Do you want a video? We have a video!

Want to buy the Boogie Board?


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