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The My First lab Duo-Scope has been a staple in our microscope offerings for ages, and recently My First Labs have added an upgraded version that centers around the world of Forensics. Its the Whodunnit Duo-Scope.

4837 Using the same body and optics as the original Duo-Scope the Whodunnit takes things a step further by adding LED based Ultraviolet lighting to both the top-down and bottom-up. This allows samples viewed in either the inspection mode or the compound mode to be seen under UV lighting. In forensics, many compounds are used that react with crime scene elements so they glow under UV light. Kids using the Whodunnit microscope can see this in action.

Both lamps will work with regular LED light as well as UV light, as can be seen LEDlightwhowith this pictures. First with the standard LED light, which is powered by three AAA batteries, meaning no cord is required for operation of the Whodunnit Microscope. This lighting is supplemented by the UV LED built into the same housing.


Both lights can be switched independent of each other. The Whodunnit microscope features dual, three setting rockers switches that allow each light to be operated as regular LED light or UV light.


Perhaps one of the best features of the Whodunnit microscope is not so much the microscope itself (although the Duo-Scope has always been very impressive) but the fact that this kits comes with a very large number of accessories designed to enhance the forensic science experience.

4837accThese accessories include:

  • Evidence bag
  • Confidential envelope
  • pH paper
  • Evidence cards
  • Writing card
  • Blood spatter card
  • Ink pad
  • Magnifier
  • Blower
  • Cotton / Nylon / Wool / Silk and Linen samples
  • Metal forceps
  • Poly gloves (4 ea)
  • 5 blank Microscope slides
  • Cover slips
  • Slide labels
  • 4 prepared slides
  • Red “stain”
  • Blue “stain”
  • Petri dish
  • Plastic test tube
  • Mini flashlight with battery
  • Doctor’s mask
  • Police Tape
  • Microscope user’s manual
  • And more!

The Whodunnit Experiment Guide also covers more than just what can be gleaned from a microscope. Topics covered include fingerprints, forgery, liquid detection and more.

Want to buy the Whodunnit Duo-Scope Microscope?

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