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OK in part 1 we covered most of the new Metal Earth models that are popular landmarks, now it is time for everything else. So let;s start with a TANK!


This model is based on the American M3 Sherman tank. It is part of the Silver series and uses 2 metal sheets to assemble.

Going back even further in time we have the Graf Zepplin Rigid Airship


The Graf Zepplin was a hyrogen-filled rigid airship that unlike its ill-fated sister ship the Hindenburg survived to retirement. The model Graf Zepplin is part of the Silver Series and uses two sheets of pieces to assemble.

Keeping with aviation, but in a much more modern sense we have the model SR-71 Blackbird


The SR-71 Blackbird was a long range reconnaissance aircraft with a distinct and unique design that truly stands out. Built by Lockheed-Martin, speed records set by this aircraft back in 1976 have yet to be beaten. The SR-71 Metal Earth model is a single sheet model.

Finally, getting out of military craft and airships we come back to the humble Farmer’s Tractor.


Part of the Silver Series and made with 2 sheets of laser-cut pieces, this model represents a simple farmer’s tractor> Based on a design that can be traced back to the 1920’s its shape and design have remained unchanged for many years.

Want to buy more construction models?


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