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Metal Earth, previously known as Metal Marvels and Metal Works has introduced a new batch of models, including some of their Gold series which use three sheets to build. The originals were built using just one single 11x11cm sheet. The Silver series increased it to two sheets, and now comes the Gold series.

In any case, if you didn’t know what Metal Earth is, it is models you put together using pieces laser etched into sheets of steel. Assembly usually takes about 30-45 minutes and requires only a set of needle-nose pliers.

First up we will look at the new Gold Series. We added two of these, first is the Sydney Opera House


Using three whole sheets, the Sydney Opera House is a complex structure based on the famous Australian building.

Next in the Gold Series is the Parthenon


With lots of columns and incredible detail this Metal Earth model had to be a three-sheet Gold Series model.

Continuing with the Classic building theme we have a model from the Silver Series (two sheets) – The Arc De Triomphe


This model is based on the famous landmark in Paris, France.

A smaller classic one-sheet model is the also famous Leaning Tower of Pisa


It even includes the classic ‘lean’!

Finally in the building category we return to the Silver Series (two sheets) and have the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.


Bickering House and Senate members not included.

Want to buy more Building and Construction toys?



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