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We covered some of the Robotic Jr. Scientist series in part 1. In part 2 we cover a couple of other parts of the new Jr. Scientists series one involving crystals and the other involving making your own refracting telescope.

Crystal growing has long been a part of kids chemistry experiments. It is fun to watch the crystals grow over time and there have been plenty of kits available for crystal growing, but when we saw the Jr. Scientist version we had to give it a try!


Using a gemstone crystal base of alum, you can grown a whole series of needle-like crystals. But not just a single crystal, rather a whole series of crystals on a mount designed to display them:


The Crystal experiment kit includes a 68 page color manual of experiments.

Next up is the Jr. Scientist Experimental Refractor Telescope:


Here kids can experiment with lenses, a telescope tube, and the 68 page experiment kit to design 2 different types of refractor (lens-using) telescopes!

4770aKids will start off by using two positive lenses to make a Keplerian design – this is actually the design most similar to refractor telescopes used today by amateur astronomers.

Next, kids will use a positive and negative lens to make a Galilean Refractor telescope. This is the type of design that was used by Galileo to view the night skies. While Galileo didn’t invent the telescope, he was the first to make a model that was worth pointing at the night sky.

With their own telescopes, students can then point them at terrestrial objects or at the night sky

The Crystal Experiment kit is $24.95 and the Telescope Experiment kit just $19.95.  Both are excellent for budding yougn scientists.

In part 3, we will cover the more…unusual kits in the Jr. Scientists series.

Want to buy more science toys?





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