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We’ve added a few new products from Elenco’s J.r Scientist series. These are products from Japan that are quite innovative, educational, fun and affordable. We’ve added a few of these and will start off with the robotic ones. First up is the Tumbling Robot

4767The Tumbling Robot is a tough customer. He walks along with what is called an ‘angry pace’. If he falls over he simply tumbles right back into a standing position and continues walking. The Tumbling robot is powered by a single motor and you assemble it. If placed in a sitting position the Tumbling Robot will do somersaults. It can also walk in dancing mode where the arms swing wildly as the robot ‘dances’.

The Tumbling Robot has 3 sensors: 1 in the belly, back and leg. If the sensors are activated by falling the internal gears change to make the Tumbling Robot st4767aand up again. The instruction manual covers how the gears and sensors operate and you learn as you put the robot together!

The Tumbling Robot does require 2 ‘AA’ batteries (not included) and assembly is required (and part of the fun!)

Next up is the Sound Control UFO Robot:

4768This little guy is just plain cute. And it is sound activated. It starts off running normally, but if it hears a sound it stops and the top drops down. It pokes its head up cautiously and starts moving again. The head continues to rise until completely revealed wherupon the alien’s ‘arms’ start waving wildly! The UFO also changes direction when you make a sound so you can set up a maze for the Robot to navigate its way through or even play a game of soccer. You can even attach a marker to the body and have the UFO Robot draw on a large piece of paper!

Some assembly is required, but it actually goes together quite easily and the fully illustrated manual helps out a lot. The manual includes helpful hints, explanation of how the UFO Robot works, games to play with the robot, and much more. Stickers to change the face of the UFO Robot are also included.

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