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We’ve complained about this in a previous blog post. Magnifier manufacturers have been telling some rather big whoppers about the magnifiers they make. Some have been claiming to have 30X power (which is in the microscope range) while having lenses almost an inch across. This is simply not physically possible. For a while it seemed like it was inevitable that it would only get worse – mind the products were good, but the specs were lying, a lot.

But from one of our suppliers we recently received this message in the mail


While this company is by no means the only magnifier manufacturer, they were one we used and it is good to see that they have ‘owned up’ to the fact that the info they had printed on the boxes and magnifiers themselves was inaccurate. The big issues right now is that all their packaging has the bad specifications on it.

We have no idea what brought this on. It could have been a lawsuit, it could have been part of the issue that came up as this company struggled with a counterfeiting 4263issue on Amazon.com (it is hard to complain about knock-off products when your own products have an element of fraud to them).

This is by no means a solution. As mentioned the aforementioned nameless company has had issues with knock-offs of their products and the people selling these knock-offs simply will not care – if anything the bad specs sell magnifiers better and they rarely concern themselves with any reputation.

In the long run the place where the majority of these magnifiers are manufacturer (China) will need to get their house in order for any full solution to take place. A few of the bigger buyers pressing the issue can help out a lot.

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