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ROMO The Smartphone Robot

So meet Romo:

4760Romo is a Smartphone Robot. You insert your Smartphone (at present Romo only works with iPhone 4/4S and iTouch 4) onto the robot base and now your smartphone has wheels! Or more accurately, it has treads.  But Romo isn’t just a mindless set of treads. Romo gives your smartphone the ability to pathfind, react to obstacles and even react to you.

Those reactions are some of the best parts of watching Romo. He smiles, grins, looks confused and runs a whole series of4760g other expressive faces depending on what Romo is doing. Plus it makes Romo so darn cute!

Romo has treads instead of wheels so that he can handle less-than ideal terrain. Let’s face it, not everyone has smooth hardwood floors for wheels to travel on. Romo’s treads can handle concrete (with gaps), wood and low & high pile rugs. The treads also allow Romo to turn 360 degrees in place.


Romo starts off as something of a blank slate. You train Romo and teach him how to react to the world around,  Training is done with a simple (free) app.

Romo can also learn your face! By using the camera in the iPhone/ITouch Romo can learn to recognize faces and react to them. Romo also uses the touch screen to react to pokes, and the gyroscope/accelerometer to tell when he has been picked up.

Places with Wi-Fi can also be used to control Romo using another Wi-Fi capable device such as iPads, another iPhone, ITouch, etc. These can use a simple 4760bremote controls system that can be used to control Romo like a RC Tank! But with Romo the RC can be used to take pictures, videos. Telepresence can also be used to turn Romo into a 2-way communication device.  You can talk through Romo from anywhere in the world!


Romo can also do all the things that your smartphone can do as well: Play songs, act as alarm clock, take photos & videos, etc.

Developers may also have fun designing apps for Romo. A software development kit is available that allows app designers to make games and other apps using Romo.

Romo is just $149 for a robot with a bunch of great features. Maybe you’ll be the one to program Romo to serve coffee!

4760dWould you like to get your own Romo?






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