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Lorentz Force Demonstrator

Fire a beam of electrons and it will pretty much just go in a straight line.  Unless it runs into a electrostatic or magnetic field, that is, and then your beam is going to do some deflecting. This is due the electrons having a charge and thus affected by other charges or magnetics. This is a major principle an electromagnetics and the force that makes the electron beam move is known as the Lorentz Force. The Lorentz force is actually very important for many day-to-day applications. Cathode Ray tube computer monitors and TVs needed the Lorentz Force to make images – and without those you would not have LCD & LED screens of today.

Measuring the Lorentz force is always a bit tricky in physics classes, so to help professors and teachers we offer United Scientific’s Lorentz Force Demonstrator.


The Lorentz Force Demonstrator has a vacuum tube (with a trace amount of inert gas) and an electron gun that makes the electron beam. When the beam travels through the gas n the vacuum tube it ionizes the gas making a glowing discharge that marks the path of the beam. By adjusting the two HelmHoltz coils are used to create magnetic fields that will deflect the electron beam. As the power increases or decreases through the HelmHoltz Coils you can observe the increase and decrease in the deflection of the beam. Students can use the fields to bend the beam into a circular path where the calculations can be made by using the acceleration voltage of the electorn gun, the strength of the magnetic field and the radius of the circular path.


The Lorentz Force Demonstrator has multiple features that make it a versatile and durable instrument. It contains all the needed power supplies, has the proper controls and dials for controlling and reading the strength of the fields. The rear panel has binding posts where external multimeters can be attached for more accurate measurements.

A full operator’s manual with experiment descriptions is included.

Want to buy a Lorentz Force Demonstrator?

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