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Salt Water Powered Vehicles

OK, so we’ve already mentioned having a Salt-Powered Robot and that is a fairly new product for us but it seems we have never mentioned some fairly popular Salt-Water Powered vehicles that we have actually carried for a couple of years. We are talking about the Salt Water Fuel Cell Car and its big brother the Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck.



Both kits are models: you must assemble the car (or truck). This actually lets you get an appreciation for how the vehicles operate. The vehicle actually operates by having a salt-water mixture placed on top of a magnesium plate inside the car. The salt in the water, along with oxygen in the air, reacts with the magnesium and creates electricity that runs a small motor in the car’s body.  Actually, the salt water merely acts as the electrolyte between the oxygen and magnesium which act as the cathode and anode of the battery system. The magnesium sheet is enough to operate the car for about 5-7 hours. The Monster Truck less so but that is to be expected given its larger size.

The Salt Water Fuel Cell car is a simple and elegant design:


While the Monster Truck is much more durable and able to go over rough terrain with its large tires and flexible body:

Both are great gifts for kids to learn about chemistry, electricity, and cars!

Want to buy the Salt Water Fuel Cell Car or Truck?

Interested in more Chemistry Fun?


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