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Shake, Rattle & Roll Cars

Everyone loves a toy race car, especially one that makes lots of fun noises and lights! A fun twist on this toy car is that you have to shake it up to make it go!


Introducing the Shake, Rattle & Roll Car!  To get it going you just pick it up and shake it! Then put it down and hear the ‘driver’ say ‘Let’s go!’. The car then zooms out with flashing lights and sound. If the car runs into something you hear it peel out and reverse direction as it tries to find a clear path. The lights flash on the wheels and lots of cool racing sounds are made, its drifts and spins 180 degrees.  How long the car goes depends on how much you shook it first: The more you shake it the more it goes!

The Shake, Rattle & Roll car comes in Blue, Red and Yellow. It requires 3 ‘AA’ batteries.

What would this blog post be without a video?

Want to buy the Shake, Rattle & Roll Car?


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