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Food! Glorious Food Science

One of the more fun things to do in science is to make things you can actually eat. In that vein we have carried some nifty kits that let you make Root Beer, or Bubble Gum. 

Now we have added three new great food making kits that teach kids about making their favorite foods, as well as the history behind those foods!

First up is the Make Your Own Chewing Gum from Scratch Kit


The chewing gum kit contains natural Chicle, the base of all chewing gum. Also included are confectioner’s sugar, corn syrup, two natural flavors, and a pan for softening the chicle gum base. You can make it on a stove or in the microwave! When you are finished you will have 30-50 pieces of chewing gum to enjoy!

The next kit is where you make another favorite kids candy: Gummies!

Make Your Own Gummies From Scratch Kit


Like the other kits, they can be made on the stove or using the microwave. Gummies are actually made using seaweed, so powdered & dried seaweed is included, along with flavorings, and starch. All ingredients are Fair Trade when relevant. The kits makes 15 yummy gummy candies!

Finally, we save the best for last. Because who doesn’t like chocolate? Hence the Make Your Chocolate from Scratch Kit.


The kit includes Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, confectioner’s sugar, starter crystals, and everything else you will need besides the stove or microwave. The kits makes about 8 oz of Dark Chocoalte, which is about 20 pieces.

Want to get more Chemistry Fun Toys?


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