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Continuing with their fine tradition of producing high quality laboratory instruments Benchmark Scientific has introduced the Incu-Mixer microplate heater and shaker , available in two sizes: 2 microplates or 4 microplates.

Equipment to shake and heat at the same time is hardly a new thing to Benchmark, but previously such equipment was on the larger size and designed for either microtubes or flasks. The Incu-Mixer is designed to mix and heat Microplates:


The four plate model is shown, with assorted  plates in place. There is also a more economical model that holds 2 plates:


Both models have excellent temperature control (ambient +5 to 70C) & accuracy (+/- 0.2C).  Temperature can be set to 0.1C increments. The mixing is done with a 2mm orbital system that goes from 100 to 1200 rpm (1500 for the 4 plate model) and can be adjusted in 10 rpm increments. The system can be timed from 1 minute to 99 hours. All things can be set using the 2 line easy-to0-read LCD display.

One important feature of the Incu-Mixer is that it has both a heated base and a heated lid. The heated lid prevents evaporation and reduces condensation, and important consideration with small samples on microplates.

Either of the systems of the Incu-Mixer can be used independently of the other, so the Incu-Mixer can operate as an orbital microplate mixer, or as just an incubator. This makes it 3 instruments in one!

Adding to the versatility, you can add an optional Microtube adapter for the Incu-Mixer.  This adapter replaces one of the plate positions and can hold 1.5/2.0ml microtubes or 0.5ml microtubes.

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