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We do quite a large amount of business selling anatomical models, and we always like to add more.  Most of our models are affordable, good quality products. But in addition to those models we also have a line of products from Denoyer-Geppert, a company that specializes in more high-end models – including ones that demonstrate how the   human body moves or muscles works. First up lets look at their Desktop Therapy Hand


This model is life size, based on a mold of an actual human hand. It is painstakingly marked and painted to note critical features for hand therapy: Bone structure, muscular system, tendons, nerve, blood vessels and much more.  The model stands 13″ tall and is on a 6″ diameter base.

But for an actual representation of how muscles connect, we have a model for that! Specifically the Forearm  Muscle  Threader


This model lets student actually thread the muscles of the human forearm. The challenge is to see if they can get it right. The model has two forearms to represent the upper and lower muscle connections.


Denoyer also has somenifty mechanical models that look almost like something out of a Terminator movie. But actually they are very effective demonstrations of the mechanics behind human limbs. The Biomechanical Arm is the first:


This model simulates the musculoskeletal system of the human arm so that students can see how it moves and operates. It is excellent for biology classes, or for physical therapists.

And what is an arm without a Biomechanical Leg?


Like the arm, the Biomechanical Leg simulates the musculoskeletal system so that students can observe movement.  This model is excellent for therapists, orthopedists, and many other professions.

Want to buy more anatomical models?




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