What's new here?

We haven’t really covered the new stuff we got this year from Green Science/4M, so it seems time to cover some of the nifty new items we have from them!

First up Salt-Powered Robot:


This Green Science kit has you assemble a robot (well, little car actually) then by placing an aluminum sheet, some cloth and salt you create a battery that runs the little robot. And it runs FAST. Most folks were shocked at how fast something with such small tires can go. The only trouble is that battery system does not last for more than a coupe of hours and 4M has yet to release a spare battery pack for the USA.

Next up Static Science


It might be a bit odd to discuss static electricity when the humidity is so high that you can swim through it, but the weather does not take away from this excellent kit. It includes a bunch of classic static demonstrations such as the foam pellets in a tube, an electroscope, and a wand that you can ‘charge up’ with static electricity by rubbing on fabric to make a balloon stick or a stream of water divert. It is quite a lot for a kit that is under $13!

Speaking of the Weather, we also have Weather Science


With the Weather Science kit you experiment with Static electricity that causes lightning, build a desktop water cycle model, grown seeds under different conditions and much more! You even get a ‘cloud maker’ that will make a cloud in the palm of your hand! Neat!

Finally, we have the awesomely named Anti-Gravity Magnetic Levitation


Now this is cool just for the name! But there quite a bit in this kit as you use magnets to defy gravity, make a magnetic weight scale, a compass, magnetic spring, randomizer, and much more! The little magnetic UFO is kinda cute, too.

Want to buy more science toys?


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