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The Non-Stop Top

So you take your average top and give it s spin. It goes for a while, then runs out of momentum and can’t stay up and falls over. This comes as no surprise to anyone.

Now we do have a popular mystery top that is a magnetic platform you spin a metal top on and it keeps going for, well, weeks.

But of course, that is a top on a platform. What about a top that goes on its own? A top with fancy platform?

Well, there actually is one. The Non-Stop Top from Can You Imagine.


The Non-Stop Top pretty much does as advertised. When you give it a spin it just goes…and goes..and goes. Even if you bump it or it hits a rough surface it will level itself and keep on going, all while giving you a neat little light show!

You can see how that works in this video:

Now there’s no real secret as to its power – there are button-cell batteries in the top and Can You Imagine provides a few spare sets to book. But just having battery power doesn’t mean we know all the answers of how it works.

Obviously, at least some of the battery power is running a motor that keeps the top spinning. But there are some other motors/gyroscopes inside the top as well. If hold the top while it is not spinning and turn it about 90 degrees on its side (while keeping it in your hand) you can feel what seems like a gyroscope kick in and shake the top. This seems to be part of the system that lets the top right itself if it gets bumped.

The Non-Stop Top Comes in Green or Purple and costs just $14.95, a great price for a nifty spinning light up toy that seems to defy physics!

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