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OK, little flat wallet multi-tools have been around for a long time, so why on Earth would we be interested in carrying another one? Well, two reasons: 1) The design of the older tools has not changed in ages, so your multi-tool really hasn’t had anything new added to it in decades and 2) The older models really were not very thin! They were often 2mm or more thick which made them actually kind of hard to put in your wallet.

But now comes the Made in the USA Pocket Monkey!


The pocket monkey is completely different from other wallet-tools. Like those cards it is about the length of a credit card, but thanks to being made with hardened stainless steel it is some 4x stronger than those older models.  As a result it can be made much thinner, only 1mm thick!


This means it really can fit into your wallet comfortably – no damage to the credit card slots or making your wallet needlessly thick:


This means it is actuallyconvenient!

As for the tools on the Pocket Monkey, well for starters it is a bottle opener:


And a screwdriver:


(Several kinds of screwdriver actually)



As well as a hexnut turner (5 sizes)


It also can act as an orange peeler yes, you read that right) , straight edge, ruler (inches and metric) and can be used to wind your headphone cords to avoid tangles.

But it also can act as a support stand for your Smart Phone! You need a credit card – not just the number the actual physical card – and slide it through the long slot at the bottom and voila! Instant support stand!


Sometimes it is easier just to let the product show itself. Or at least let the manufacturers of the tool show what it can do.  Let’s see their video!

The Pocket Monkey is just $12, is made in the USA and is TSA compiant!


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