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Mechanical adjustable Pipettors area mainstay in most labs. They are excellent for ‘dialing in’ the exact amount of liquid that your system needs. We’ve carried such pipettors before and while they are decent instruments they have lacked certain features.

Now, however we introduce the MTC Propette Pipettors:


These new Propette Adjustable Volume Pipettors are the end result of decades of research with pipettors. They feature things like a continuously adjustable digital micrometer:


The dispensing piston is stainless steel and the seals are maintenance-free and chemically resistant. The Propette line has unsurpassed accuracy.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Propette line is the ergonomics of the Pipettors: They are light-weight and well balanced so that prolonged used will minimize fatigue. The ergonomically shaped tip ejector button is designed and contoured to minimize pressure on the thumb. Actuation forces and spring pressures have been significantly reduced.


There are nine sizes of the Propette Pipettor, and Spectrum offers a great deal with a 4 pack with carousel

Propette Pipettor, Adjustable 0.1-2.0 uL

Propette Pipettor, Adjustable 1-10uL

Propette Pipettor, Adjustable 2-20uL

Propette Pipettor, Adjsutable 5-50uL

Propette Pipettor, Adjsutable 10-100uL

Propette Pipettor, Adjsutable 20-200uL

Propette Pipettor, Adjsutable 100-1000uL (1ml)

Propette Pipettor, Adjsutable 1ml-5ml

Propette Pipettor, Adjsutable 1ml-10ml

The Propette Pipttor Carousel – Holds 6 Pipettors

The Propette Starup Set: Contains 4 Propette Pipettors (1-10uL, 2-20uL, 20-200uL, & 100-1000uL) and carousel.  Just $579, a savings of $280 if you bought individually!




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