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BenchMark Scientifics products continue to get better and better. When they started they made a lot of simple, but high-quality and low-priced laboratory equipment. Things like Dry Baths and Centrifuges, which are not easy to make in high quality but don’t need a lot beside high mechanical quality & some simple electronics. But their line has steadily become more and more advanced with computer controls, computer displays, and other modern features. A lot of that growth shows itself in BenchMarks most recent offering: The T9639 Thermal Cycler:


Thermal Cyclers use heat in various ways to amplify DNA  by raising and lowering the temperature inside the Cycler. Since the method of amplifying DNA will vary a lot and some of the temperature controls are actually proprietary the Thermal Cycler is programmable and password protected. Several temperature control programs can be stored on the Cycler and unlimited programs can be stores on external USB drives.

Probably one of the great features of the T9639 is the large touch screen that you use to program it:


Setting up a program is simple as a Program Wizard is included and most programming can be done on one screen. The controls are simple and intuitive, yet very versatile.

Included with the T9639 Thermal Cycler is a multi-block that allows use of several types of common PCR and small tubes. 4583b

The T9639 can hold 96 x 0.2ml tubes or strips, or 1 PCR plate or 39 x 0.5ml centrifuge tubes. An optional In-Situ adapter allows the T9639 to hold up to 4 slides. Another optional version of the T9639 has a well plate that can hold 384 samples.

Priced at well under $5000, the T9639 is also a bargain in the work of Thermal Cyclers, which often can cost tens of thousands of dollars or cost this level but lack this level of features. The T9639 shines out as a bargain without sacrificing quality.

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