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New Kites for Spring!

Its Spring! And that means the weather is nice enough to go fly a kite!

Kites area big warm weather toy for us, so we are sure to add a few to our line every spring.

First up we have a couple of new solid color Delta Kites. Deltas are probably the easiest kites to fly short of the Hi-Fly designs.

These Deltas are large – 56″ wide and 22″ tall. We carry them in Purple and Yellow solids. They include 100′ of #22 line and a handle.



These kits are big and awesome, but this couldn’t be all we added. We also found a really neat 3D Pterdactyl Kite


This dinosaur of old is 52″ wide and like all of our other kites is made of ripstop nylon. It is easy to assemble and uses fiberglass rods.

Finally, we have another 3D Kite, this one is an awesome Biplane:


This Biplane Kite has a wingspan of 30″ and is ready to fly out of the box.

Get out there and go fly a kite!

Want to buy kites from Spectrum Scientifics?



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