What's new here?

Almost a 1-1/2 years ago we added a nifty little product to out line. It was a frolicking solar powered flower. We liked t so much we even did a little blog post on it:


Naturally, we also made a video:

Since we added this flower, there have been many other fun solar products added to our solar line. First of all we have added a mini-Solar powered frolicking flower. This model version comes in the flower and pig/elephant designs.


Naturally, we have a video:

The next model, which got so popular it is out of stock until May, 2013 is the Solar Powered Hoot Owl.


Oh look! A video!

Finally, there is our most recent addition, and perhaps the cutest solar powered toy of them all: Our Solar Powered Dancing Penguin!


Of course, a video must be seen of this cute penguin in action!

Want to buy Solar Powered Toys?

Interested in more serious solar powered educational items?




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