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We’ve added some new science kits to our product line. These are simple, made-with recyclable material building kits that demonstrate some excellent science principles. The company’s name is Koontz and they are from Europe. Let’s see what they have to offer:

First up is the Koontz Catapult


You put this catapult together (it is made of sturdy cardboard material) and test it out. Loads of fun and pretty economical at just $12.95!

Next up is the Koontz Combination Lock


You put this combination lock together and can see how locks actually work with keys! You can adjust the lock to fit the key or not to see how the wrong key won’t turn a lock.

Next up is the Koontz Kaleidoscope!


You put this kaleidoscope together. It has the mirrors you need and the target images to make some really psychadelic imagery!

Next up is a real odd item: the Koontz Rolling Boomerang!


This items is a real teaser. You roll it away from you, and then it rolls right back toward you! Have fun putting it together and figuring out the secret!

Want to get more Physics Fun Toys?




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