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Giant Microbes have been a staple of our store since the early days. These 5-7″ dolls represent giant versions of the microbes that our part of our daily lives. From the Common Cold, to MRSA, and even some non-microbial tiny things such as the Bed Bug and the Brain Cell.

Now Giant Microbes has added a new doll to their line – one they had to give a lot of thought: Cancer


Cancer was tricky because many suffer from it and while this has been a minor issue in the past they wanted some way to encourage people to think they could fight cancer. So they decide to make the Cancer doll turn inside out.

The starting side of the doll is the unchecked cancer cell it is scraggly and has lots of tendrils, oh and a frowny-face!

But the mouth of the face actually has a zipper! Unzip the mouth and turn the doll inside out and you suddenly have the happy ‘cured’ cancer.

Here’s a video of the Cancer being turned inside-out:

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