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We often get asked what science toys are good for very young children (3 and younger). To be perfectly frank there aren’t a lot of science toys for such a young age group – certainly there are a lot of learning toys out there, but at such a young age a child’s cognitive learning process doesn’t really distinguish between being fascinated by the everyday world vs. stuff chosen specifically for science education. What that essentially means is that a very young child will probably learn as much from bouncing a rubber ball vs. a toy designed for science education.

Still many folks want something for younger kids, and that’s usually when we suggest Constructive Eating. It is a series of eating utensils designed to look like construction toys! While strictly speaking this is more industry, construction & engineering than science we felt it was well within the boundries of learning to carry the line.


The basic line consists of three utensils, the first up is the Fork Lift Fork


This fork is designed to resemble a fork lift with the tines in place of the fork lift’s regular forks. All of the constructive eating utensils are made in the USA, are completely dishwasher safe, contain zero phthalenes,  and have no moving parts (the wheels are for show). The size of the fork utensils are meant for young children’s hands and they have a handy rubberized grip so that hold the, is easy, even during energetic play.

The next utensil is the Front Loader Spoon:


Front Loaders are the big construction machines used to push large amounts of dirt or other material around. For the Front Loader Spoon the shovel has been replaced with a conventional spoon bowl!

One might expect the utensils to be “fork, spoon, knife” but the makers of Constructive Eating decided to do a little twist on things. Instead of a knife they actually made a utensil that kids would actually use. Anyone who has watch very young kids will know that the primary purpose of a knife for them is to push around the peas and other things on their plate. So why not make a utensil for that very purpose. Hence the Bull Dozer Pusher!


Instead of a knife blade, you have a Bull Dozer’s shovel to move things around. Those peas don’t stand a chance!

The utensils are great fun, of course, but they would be more enjoyable if there was some place to play with them. Taking them out into the sandbox seems a tad unsanitary to us, and a regular plate can be rather featureless, so for that end we have the Construction Plate:


The plate is as well designed and constructed as the utensils (Made in the USA, pfthalne free, etc). It has nice features such as a place for the utensils to rest.


A neat row of imprints around the outside.



The plate is sectioned off like a kids plate, but there is a special place for kids to bulldoze their food onto the fork or spoon!


Want to buy other toys for very young children?






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