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Weigh Boats

Let’s face it: This is not going to be the most exciting blog post we have done, but the subject matter is an item critical in many labs and our ability to supply folks with these items is how we make a living!

Digital Scales are a crucial part of any lab. They are accurate, reasonably priced, and have a host of features that help speed up the measuring process.


Trouble is, you can’t just put stiff right on top of the scale. It makes a mess and if the product is liquid it will spill everywhere. Kitchen scales solve this by having a built in bowl that comes with the scale, but lab scales & balances shouldn’t use such a thing as cross contamination is a bigger issue than it is in the kitchen. Its bad enough when baking powder gets mixed in with cake mix, but it gets real bad when something acidic mixes in with something that is base, or an Agar growing source, or any of thousands of other contamination issues. Keeping an included bowl clean can work for a while, but it is not a perfect solution as there may be lots of cleaning, drying and time consumed between measurements. Of course, one could use glass labware that is around the laboratory already. A few griffin beakers lying around can be used – simple tare out their weight and add the component to get the weight – but again these beakers would need to be washed thoroughly after use, and that can cost time. Another annoying issue is that some bits of powder or liquid can get stuck in the beaker when you try to pour it out after measuring and that can mess up measurements.


So what solution is there? Well an economical choice is actually to use Weigh Boats:

Square Boats CC

Weigh Boats are an excellent option for any laboratory that needs to do a lot of weighing on digital balances. They are antistatic so powders won’t ‘cling’ to the interior (unlike glass or plastic beakers). They are biologically inert so that no contamination will occur with biological materials. The corners are smooth and rounded so that materials will pour out easily and no trapping will occur. They also have flat bottoms so they do not tip over easily -an issue with much taller lab glassware.

Best of all from a speed perspective: Weigh boats are disposable! You place them on your digital scale, tare out their minimal weight (they are lightweight plastic), and the powder or liquid compound you are trying to measure. Then pour the compound out into whatever container you plan to use it in (or put it aside ‘at the ready’) then just throw away the boat! Since the weigh boats are sold in packs of 500, even the largest size costs just pennies to use!

As shown above, Weigh Boats come in Black or White, which is handy for contrast between the boat and the compound.

Weigh Boats also come in different shapes. The Square Boats (shown above) as well as diamond shaped boats:

Diamond BoatsCC

Diamond shaped weigh boats have the same properties as their square counterparts, but their shape provides a ‘funnel’ near the sharper corners that makes pouring out compounds even easier. This can be very useful when you are pouring compounds into containers with narrow mouths, such as Volumetric Flasks.

Like the square boats, the diamond boats are available in black or white.

Each shape and color has three different sizes. For square the sizes are 45mmx45mm, 80mmx80mm, and 140mmx140. The diamond shapes are 35mmx55mm, 65mmx85mm and 100mmx125mm. All are sold in packs of 500, except for the largest diamond size which is a pack of 250. Links to these all these weigh boats are below:

Square White Weigh Boats, 45mm x45mm, Holds 20ml, Pack of 500.$35

Square White Weigh Boats, 80mmx80mm, Holds 100ml, Pack of 500. $50

Square White Weigh Boats, 140mm x 140mm, Holds 250ml. Pack of 500. $85

Square Black Weigh Boats, 45mm x 45mm. Holds 20ml, Pack of 500. $35

Square Black Weigh Boats, 80mm x 80mm, Holds 100ml, Pack of 500 $50

Square Black Weigh Boats, 140mm x 140mm, Holds 250ml, Pack of 500 $85

Diamond White Weigh Boat 35mmx55mm, Holds 5ml Pack of 500 $35

Diamond White Weigh Boat 65mmx 85mm, Holds 30ml, Pack of 500 $50

Diamond White Weigh Boat 100mm x 125mm, Holds 100ml, Pack of 250 $42.50

Diamond Black Weigh Boat 35mm x 55mm, Holds 5ml, Pack of 500 $35

Diamond Black Weigh Boat 65mm x 85mm, Holds 30ml, Pack of 500 $50

Diamond Black Weigh Boat 100mm x 125mm, Holds 100ml, Pack of 250 $42.50

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