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New MetalWorks Models

The folks who make MetalWorks (formerly Metal Marvels) have been busy adding new products to their line. They particularly been adding a lot of new ‘2 sheeters’ – Metal models that use two sheets to build larger and more detailed models. As always, these metal models have an incredible amount of detail and can usually be assembled in 30-45 minutes. These are the models we have added recently:

MetalWorks Tiger I Tank


The fearsome and infamous German Tank is first up. It is about 5″ long and even has a camo pattern on the tank’s ‘skin’.

Next up is the famous Ford Model T 1908 ‘Tin Lizzie’


The Tin Lizzie is another 2 sheeter and measures about 5″ long with incredible detail – including the Ford Logo and pattern on the seat fabric.

For modern warfare enthusiasts there is the USA F-22 Raptor Fighter


Enjoy building this 2-sheet Fighter Jet!

For those who enjoy the engineering models in this series we have a model of one of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA – The Brooklyn Bridge


So, wanna buy a bridge?

And we also have the incredibly detailed Golden Hind, a model of the ship Sir Francis Drake used to circumnavigate the world:


Rigging, flags, and other incredible details are visible in this 2 sheet model.

More MetalWorks Models to come tomorrow! See you then!

Want more building/construction toys?





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