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BenchMark Scientific has been in the market with digital dry baths for a while with their excellent, if unnamed, Digital Dry Baths.


This series was excellent and affordable, but that didn’t mean it could not be improved upon. So BenchMark has come up with the myBlock Digital Dry Baths.


The myBlock comes in single chamber or double chamber (shown). The base version comes with no blocks so you can purchase optional bath blocks, but there are versions where you can buy them with the excellent QuickFlip Universal Block (more on that below) in single chamber or double chamber (Which comes with 2 blocks).

The myBlock has several improvements over the original Digital Dry Bath: It has a removable hinged lid for better uniformity and minimize temperature stratification in the block by maintaining a warm air jacket layer. It also helps to reduce energy consumption by minimizing heat loss to the environment.. They are the first digital dry baths to include advanced microprocessor controls, timed or continuous operation. It has an optional external temperature probe. They also can employ the previously mentioned QUickFlip Block:


This universal block can hold a wide variety of containers: 0.5ml tubes, 1.5ml tubes, 2.0 ml tubes, 0.2ml tubes, 0.2ml strips and PCR plates.  This gives the Quickflip a much greater versatility over traditional bath blocks.

BenchMark once again demonstrates their ability to innovate lab equipment and bring it to us at an affordable price:

Want to buy Laboratory Dry or Water Baths

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