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This is the story of a little toy frog.


The little frog toy was part of another toy. A special toy that had mirrors! Curved mirrors! The little toy frog would sit in the middle of one of the mirrors:


The toy was called a Mirascope. The when the top mirror was on, something amazing would happen! The little toy frog would appear right on top of the Mirascope!


It was an illusion! The store owner wanted to show the Mirascope and how it worked. So he put it out on the table with all the other toys.

But the store owner didn’t think the frog would stick around.

“Some little kid will doubtless walk out with it in his pocket, his parents won’t even know he took it!” he said “So many kids pick up the Mirascope, and many of them pull out the frog, not knowing they aren’t supposed to!”.

“And then I will have to replace the little toy frog. Maybe with a coin, or a die, or some other small object. I’ll have to do it sooner or later”

That was four years ago.

The store keeper was wrong.

The little toy frog did not leave the store. But he did have a lot of adventures! Because while luckily no small child walked out with the little toy frog, they did take him out of his home in the Mirascope!

And the little toy frog ended up in some strange places!


And met some strange friends!


And so it happened again and again. Many times when the little toy frog went on these adventure the shop keeper thought the little toy frog was gone for good. The little toy frog would be gone for days and the shop keeper thought that the little toy frog had left for good.

But then the little toy frog would turn up in the strangest places!


And then he would go back into his home on the Mirascope and stay until his next adventure!

Do you want a Mirascope? It comes with its own little toy frog!


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