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When it comes to homoginization (which is another word used in science for ‘smash things into liquid’) there haven’t actually been a whole lot of options out there.  Two models have from BioMed and Bertin were  available, but beyond that there wasn’t much else. That was until last year when BenchMark released their BeadBug Homoginizer last year. Let’s take a moment to see the BeadBug in action:


Now of course the BeadBug is awesome, and great for small labs, but there is one limitation you might have noticed: Only 3 microtubes at a time can be worked. For larger laboratories or even small labs that have large samples they need to work on. Hence the reason for BenchMark’s new product: the BeadBlaster 24 Homoginizer!


As the name implies, the BeadBlaster 24 can handle as many as 24 microtubes at a time.  Like the BeadBug it can handle soft tissue or material as hard as bone. Once again, there is a nice variety or pre-filled tubes with glass beads, zirconium beads, and stainless beads available.

Let’s take a close up of the workings of the BeadBlaster:


All the tubes are sealed to prevent cross contamination.  The BeadBlaster can range from 4.0 to 7.0 m/s it runs up to 90 seconds on a cycle, and up to 10 cycles can be programmed (with a delay between cycles).  Since re-entering your favorite homgenizing cycles can be time-consuming, it can hold up to 50 programs in its memory.

The BeadBlaster has a 2 year limited warranty and is available in a European electrical version in addition to the standard USA current.

Shop for the BeadBlaster24 Microtube Homogenizer


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