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We’ve added a small line of products: The HABA Terra kids model kits. These are wood models you punch out the pieces and assemble to make working wood rubber-band powered models.
First up is the Terra Kids Beetle:


The Beetle, once assembled, will skitter along with its googly eyes bouncing around and looking silly. Here is  a video tube of the assembly process and the beetle in action:

Next would be the Terra Kids Twirling Prawn Kit:

The Prawn is put together, much like the Beetle, but instead of skittering it twirls around.

Finally, we have the Terra Kids Automobile Kit:


This kit is again pieced together from wood punch model pieces. Once assembled the motor will race the car without batteries, just rubber band propulsion! Watch the car getting put together and zoom across the table!

As a company, HABA has been making children’s toys for decades, usually in Europe. These are the first products they have developed that we found were good for our product line. Chek them out!

Comments on: "HABA Terra Kids Working Wood Model Kits" (1)

  1. I’m from France,can i get them over here?

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