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Tectonic Toys

Spectrum Scientifics is proud to carry a very interesting and hard-to-get construction toy: Tectonic Toys

Tectonic Toys are a construction toy designed around shapes. When you get a pack of them, they don’t look like too much, just flat pieces of colorful plastic:

But the secret is that these pieces can be joined together using the Tectonic Hinge, which allows the pieces to be connected to each other. Once together, you can build various colorful multi-sided shapes:

Or more simple shapes like this:

These are just a couple of examples of the shapes that can be made with the pieces. Since there are 324 ways for the Tectonic hinges to connect the possible arrangements is huge. We won’t say infinite, but its pretty darn high!.
Tectonic Toys  are just $20 a set and great for kids or adults who enjoy construction. Each set has 48 pieces – 8 of each color.


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