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BenchMark Scientific has made quite a line of rockers, shakers and other great lab products. But until now they have lacked a product specifically designed for rolling and rocking liquids in tubes. That now changes with their new line of  TubeRollers. 

The TubeRoller rolls the tubes at a constant 38 rpm at a gentle 5 degree angle.  This is the optimum speed for the broadest range of components.  Each rocker has a slight incline and offset so that a gentle ‘wave’ is formed during the rolling process. This wave ensures the maximum mixing throughout the tubes. The TubeRoller is good for a variety of liquids, including blood samples:

This makes it an excellent lab tool for hospitals and research centers.
The TubeRoller has 5 rows, which can hold 2-3 tubes each, depending on their size. For more robust jobs there is the TubeRoller 10 which has 10 rows to work with:

Both of these products are available now and make an excellent addition to any lab that needs tube rolled automatically.


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