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BenchMark Scientific continues to produce innovative new products for the lab. Their latest items are the MyTemp Mini-Incubator and the MyTemp Mini incubator/Cooler.

Both of  these mini-incubators offer Digital quality and analog pricing. You have the control of the temperature to the degree with the ease of an analog control. The device can also work on a timer so that it can heat up (or cool down with the cooling version) immediately and maintain the temperature for a set period of time.

The footprint of the MyTemp (either version) is a mere 14.5″ x 13″ making it an excellent tool for cramped labs. Despite this is it is able to handle flasks up to 2 liter, and a nutating rocker is available that fits in it (see below) It comes standard with a US 115V, 60Hz plug but a 230V, 50 Hz version is available.  Both versions can reach 62 degrees C, and the cooling version can go to 15 degrees cooler than ambient temperature, down to a minimum of 7 degrees C.

There is more! BenchMark also has a mini nutating lab rocker that fits inside the MyTemp! It is small enough to fit in the MyTemp’s interior – has a 8″x 6″ rocking platform that rotates at a 20 degree angle and a fixed 24 rpm. It is perfect for the BenchMark MyTemp but works well with any incubator. It even has a flat cord so that the incubator door can seal better.

It fits!

Extra shelves are also available for those who want to maximize their surface area in the MyTemp.

The MyTemp heater can be purchased from Spectrum Scientifics. The link for the Heating only version is here, and the Heating/Cooling version is here.

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