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Straws & Connectors

We’ve added a new construction toy, well, its new to us anyway. Straws and Connectors!

Straws & Connectors use a simple concept: You get lots of plastic straws, as well as a bunch of jack shaped connector pieces that allow you to attach one straw to another, either in a straight line or at a right angle, etc. Straws can be made to curve (such as in the cylinder shape of the rocket shown above). You can even cut the straws for special shaping. The straws and connectors are  vividly colored. Several hints are given on how to build various shapes and objects, but kids can download special instructions to build rockets, boats, cars, castles and more at www.strawsandconnectors.com.

Straws and Connectors come in three sizes, the 230 piece set, the 400 piece set, and the deluxe 705 pieces set.

In addition to Straws & Connectors, we have also added the actually new Newspaper Connectors to our product line!

The concept is the same as with straws and connectors, except now instead of straws kids roll up newspapers using provided tube ends and connect them with larger size connectors. The newspapers take the place of the straws and so can be cut easily to exactly the correct length. Kids can build huge structures using old recycled newspapers. With 36 connectors and 200 tube ends you have enough to make your own playground! Probably shouldn’t swing on it however.

Straws & Connectors and Newspaper connectors are good for ages 4+.

Want to buy construction & building toys?

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