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We’ve carried the Solar Powered Rainbow Maker pretty much since we opened.


Its an excellent gift, and great for anyone who just wants some color in their room. The solar panel powers the motor that spins a crystal – causing rainbows to be made all throughout the room.

This is a great idea, but when it comes to being a science store we always thought – why couldn’t there be a version where you build this? Its a simple enough design, with colorful gears and a durable solar panel. So why not a kit version? Well, another company felt that way as well it seems and has made the Solar Rainbow Making Kit:

This kit costs less than the pre-built model, and gives both kids and adults a chance to build an awesome toy! The parts are laid out in a simple design:

The overall look-and-feel is very different since this is a different company and they have copyright concerns. But if anything they have improved on the original design: The system is held on by two suction cups, and there are three crystals that are spun by the solar cell, not just one!

The kit can be assembled by children ages 6+, and being solar powered it requires no batteries! The kit is just $19.99, which is almost $8 less than the assembled model.



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