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High Flyer

Bernoulli’s Principle states that as the speed of something increases, like air, the pressure drops. It is this principle that allows planes to fly. It is also what allows the High Flyer to operate and be fun!

The High Flyer is a new science toy that demonstrates Bernoulli’s Principle using a jet of air and some objects to be subjected to the airflow. The battery-powered blower sends out a stream of air that causes the ball or plate to float in mid-air on that stream. What happens is that the air flows around the ball, reducing the pressure, while the air on top of the ball (or plate) stays slow and higher pressure to keep the object in place.  You can tilt the blower slightly to see how far the air pressure will hold the object in its stream.

You can also try and see how high up you can get the ball floating in the stream of air. Once the plate or ball is more than 18″ above the blower control of the object gets to be more of a challenge. The trick is to see how long you can keep it up there!

The High Flyer is both fun as well as an education on air pressure & Bernoulli’s principle, even if they don’t know it yet!


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