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Vortexers are an excellent piece of lab equipment that allow vigorous mixing of compounds in tubes. The idea is simple, a rapidly rotating head which you hold the tube against to shake it properly. Let’s see the video:

As you can see, the shaking with the Vortexer actually results in a proper voretexing (in other words, the liquid looks like a little tornado).

However, you can see the problem: The little vortexer can only do one tube at a time and you have to hold it in place! That’s fine, but what about when you need some serious volume to voretex, or want to use a Volumetric flask instead of tubes?

The answer is to use a Multi-Tube Vortexer. But now there is a new, hig-quality model on the market at a low price: The BenchMark XL Multi-Tube Vortexer

The BenchMixer XL facilitates hands-free mixing in tubes, flasks, or cylinders. With a speed range from 500-2500 rpm and able to perform unattended for up to 100 hours this is perfect for jobs where mixing needs are great.

The BenchMixer XL has a large series of Tube Racks and flask racks available:

The racks can handle 0.5ml tubes, 2.0ml tubes, cylinders from 12 to 25mm, microplates, and 50, 100, and 250ml Volumetric Flasks.

The BenchMixer XL comes with a 2 year limited warranty and can be set to run on US or European current.  It is an ideal choice for a medium to high throughput laboratory.




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