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So, yesterday the Western part of the USA got to enjoy an annular eclipse…NO WE ARE NOT BITTER!

In any case, this is not the only solar event for us this year, because on June 5-6th there is the Transit of Venus!.

A transit is when one of the inner planets (which is pretty much just Mercury and Venus) moves between the Earth and the Sun. A small shadow of that planet can then be seen through a filtered telescope. The last transit of Venus was only just in 2004, but the next will be in 2117! So don’t miss it.

Note: Satellite Photo Image of Venus – your view probably won’t be this crisp!

Remember that looking at the unfiltered sun is very dangerous. Always use a filtered telescope or a projection system to view the sun!

The transit will be visible through the entire United States (and Canada & much of Central America) during the evening/sunset on June 5th. The transit will be in progress when the sun sets. Most of Europe will be able to see the transit on the morning of June 6th. Parts of  Asia, Australia and Alaska will be able to see the whole transit.

Don’t miss it!


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