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Its not talked about a whole lot, but occasionally in Biology you need to smash things. Whether it is to break up cell structure (mechanical Lysis), or homogenize a material (make it the same all around) sometimes tissues need to be ground down and cell walls pounded out.  In the past, mortar & pestle were used – and in some places still are. Tissue grinders are also popular for this performing this process by hand. But hand-work is tiring and not always as effective as automechanical methods. There are larger, hideously expensive instruments that can also perform this process, but until recently there has not been a small-lab, affordable benchtop homogenizer. Once again, Benchmark Scientific sets a new standard – Meet the new BeadBug MicroTube Homogenizer:

The BeadBug can homogenize 1,2 or 3 2ml microtubes at a time and can break down the materials in an average of 45 seconds.  2ml Microtubes prefilled with glass, stainless steel, or High-Impact Zirconium beads are purchased as accessories. These beads, in concert with the BeadBug rotating at 2800 to 4000 rpm, are enough to reduced even the toughest cell cultures to a homogenized state! Best of all the unit measures just 7″ x 8″, so it takes up minimal space in your lab!

As mentioned, the optional accessories for the BeadBug are pre-filled tubes for homogenization. Glass, Zirconium, and Stainless Steel beads in a variety of sizes are available in packs of 50 tubes, or a starter pack with 10 tubes of all five sizes of Zirconium beads can also be purchased:


Comments on: "Cell Smashing Time! Or, the new Benchmark BeadBug Microtube Homogenizer" (3)

  1. The team at Benchmark keeps coming up with solid product concepts. Kudos.

  2. Swisschardy said:

    I have tough, fibrous, dried plant material. How does bedbug compare to a vortexes with horizontal tube adaptor or, in another universe, FastPrep not in terms of quantity but quality and degree of homogenizing?

    • @Swisschardy, the BeadBug works much better as it has a much higher rate of RPM. The new Zirconium beads have been rated for homogenizing bone and other hard organic materials so they do the job quite well.

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