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New Sterling Engines

The Stirling Engine is an External Combustion Engine (the heat source is outside the engine) and can use any available source of adequate heat or cold. It is a classic illustration of converting heat energy into mechanical work. We’ve already displayed our awesome Low-Temperature Sterling Engine, which can run off the power of a hot cup of coffee, but we have also now added more impressive Sterling Engines that are great for classroom demonstrations, engineering concepts, or just as desktop toys!

First up is the Basic Sterling Engine:

This unit is powered by a built-in alcohol lamp and has dual pistons like most standard Sterling engines.

However, some folks may want to do something with the kinetic energy produced by a Sterling Engine, so a couple of models show this well. First is a straight mechanical energy conversion that has the Sterling Engine running a car.

Another example converts the mechanical energy produced by the Sterling Engine into electricity by using a small dynamo that powers an LED Light:

All of these models operate off the standard Sterling Engine design. However, also available with this new line of Sterling Engines is a series of variation models. For example we also have the Sterling Engine Type B which operates using a single piston rather than the dual pistons:

Sterling Engine Type B

Also in the line is a Mason Cycle Engine, which is technically not a Sterling Engine – except that it really is. It operates more along the lines of a two-stroke engine but using temperature differences rather than gasoline.

Finally the last of these variants is the Thermoacoustic Sterling Engine. This unit actually produces standing soundwaves that power the piston. Its actually pretty awesome when you think about it!

All of these Sterling Engines are tested before being shipped. They are excellent gifts or demonstration items.  The bases are wood and all the parts machined metal. These are quality crafted instruments and great for engineers or the technologically curious!


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