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One aspect of life science education that should be covered several times throughout the K-12 syllabus is that of composting – not just for gardening purposes, mind you, but to show how nature is very good at recycling dead material into fresh, useful material.

The problem is, composting is a dirty processes that, let’s face it, smells. Some schools are lucky enough to have large campuses where a section can be used to experiment with composting – but most schools do not. Especially schools in tight urban environments. Even in schools with rural areas composting outdoors might not be the best choice for an educator. Many a teacher has found their composting system to become a nest for opossums,rats, or other unwanted creatures. There’s also the issue that often you don’t see what is happening in the composter – just the starting material and results!

So what to do? Well one excellent solution is to use the Worm Watchers Classroom kits:

Middle/High School Wormwatcher Kit

Middle/High School Wormwatcher Kit

This kit is available at 3 education levels: Middle/High School, Elementary School, and Pre-School. A fourth set actually is a combination of all three kits and is the School District Kit.

The heart of the Worm Watchers Kits are the composters. These are clear, lockable, portable systems that can be divided to see how different materials compost. These composters do not need turning or rotating. The composter is easy to clean and easy to maintain. Its far better than stacked plastic trays!

With each kit you get a certificate for 1/2 lb. of worms. The worms do the work of turning waste into soil, and with the clear composter you can see their progress. Other materials included in the kit are soil, moisture meter, trowel, glvoes and books for study and experiments.  Each kit has different experiments geared towards the grade level of the kit.  The kit is backed with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

Schools aren’t the only ones to benefit from the WormWatch kits. Home-schoolers and gardeners can also benefit from the tests and experiments included in the kit.

So get a Worm Watcher kit for your classroom or school district and give your life science projects a real boost!


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