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Sometimes you just need to measure light or sound. Whether you are getting a sunlight reading for a camera shoot or testing out what it really means for the amp to go up to 11, measuring devices can be very useful, and we have just added two digital units for measuring!

First up is the Digital Sound Meter:


This unit measures sound from 30 to 130 dB. For sense of scale 30dB is a whisper at about 6′, while 130dB is 10dB below the ‘say-goodbye-to-your-hearing-if-exposed-even-if-you-are-wearing-hearing-protection’. Keep in mind that the dB scale is logarthmic, so 10dB is quite a lot. But in any case prolonged exposure at anything over 95dB is bad, and 125dB is ‘ow-my-ears-hurt’ level. So this unit covers the ends of the scale quite nicely. Scale is to the .1 dB with accurate of +/-1.5dB.

But what about light? Can we not measure light?

Sure we can, especially with another digital instrument, the Digital Lux Meter


This Lux Meter features a cabled sensor so you can read light levels where you want. It has f different ranges that can cover as low as 0.1 Lux all the way to 100,000 Lux. For perspective a cloudy moonlit night is 0.1 Lux, while a bright sunny day is 50,000 Lux. The Lux scale is not logarithmic as the difference between an overcast day (5,000 lux) and the Sunny day (50,000) is quite measurable.

The Digital Lux Meter is accurate to 3% and has a Min/Max feature for determining highest and lowest light levels. The LED screen is also large and friendly to read in high or low levels of light.

Be sure to check out Spectrum Scientifics other Science Instruments.


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