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With the temperature rising over 71F here in Philadelphia its easy to think that Spring is here – technically it isn’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day full of Spring-like fun. And to that end Spectrum Scientifics has added a whole line of Estes Model Rockets!

Let’s start off with some kits – These have everything you need to launch except the engines. They have the rocket (ready-made or minimal assembly) a launch pad, electric ignition system, parachute and instructions

The first Kit is the Flash! Model Rocket Launch Set

This guy can go as high as 925 feet and stands over 16″ tall.

The next set is a pair of rockets – The Rascal & Hijinks Rocket Launch Set

Here you get two smaller rockets that can be flown as high as 1200 feet. Like the other kits it includes launch pad, ignition system, rockets, parachutes, etc.

Finally we have the impressive Helicat Rocket Launch System

This model rocket stands over 30″ tall, and includes a two-way recovery system – the bottom deploys a parachute, while the top expands a helicopter from the nose cone and twirls its way safely back to earth.

In addition to the Launch Sets we also have added several model rockets that are easy to assemble or pre-assembled for variety, such as the Prospector:

As well as the Load Star, the Code Red  and the Sky Trax.

In addition we of course also Model Rocket Engines: in three different powers. Warning: Rocket Engines must be shipped by USPS Ground.

Soon we will have a short primer on model rocketry, but for now, the rockets are in town!


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