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Iron Pyrite Suns

Iron Pyrite, or Iron Sulfide is a fairly common mineral that is more commonly known as Fool’s Gold due to its golden luster. Its crystalline structure is a dead give-away that it is not actually gold, although in many cases it can be more attractive than gold. Typically, Iron Pyrite is found in chunks made up on hundreds or thousands of tiny square crystals:



But a rare formation of Iron Pyrite is the Sun. This is where a flat disc is formed by the crystals, with the smaller crystals forming the interior and larger crystals forming at the rim.This forms an interesting pattern that actually resembles a sun:


Spectrum Scientifics now has these rare Iron Pyrite suns in three different sizes: Small (1″), Medium (1-1/2″) and Large (2″). These are low-cost, Grade B Iron Pyrite suns. They will have defects like cracks and other flaws, but the overall structure will be a sun. Consider these an excellent addition for collectors!


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