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Matryoshka are probably better known in the USA as Russian nesting dolls – a simple concept where a large doll holds a slightly smaller doll, which in turn holds a slight smaller doll inside it, and so on until the smallest dolls. The original Matryoshka were painted up in family themes.

But the concept could do soooo much more that that! That’s why we carry these modern nesting dolls – Matryoshka Madness! Instead of a family we have robots!

First up is a set of futuristic-style sci-fi robot nesting dolls. The largest of these robots is 4-1/2″ tall while the smallest is 1-3/8″.

There is also this cool set of Eco-Warning Matryoshka

These are great gifts or fun fidget toys for the desk or coffee table. Pick up a set today!


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