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We get a lot of science teachers in the store buying supplies and equipment for their classroom. The sad fact is that they are often spending their own cash – the often heard lament is that they get all of $100 for supplies for the year and either have to jump through hoops to order anything beyond that or have no option but to spend their own salary. We help as much as we can: discounts, etc. But the sad fact is that much of the money is coming out of their own pockets – as much as 10% in some cases!

So what can be done? Sometimes grants can be applied for, but take a lot of effort to follow through, and there is a lot of competition even for small grants.

Other options are donation programs. These include Adopt a Classroom and Donors Choose. Both of these allow contributors to donate to classrooms in need. Teachers in turn can sign up to receive funding for classroom supplies and equipment. As of this writing there appear to be some issues with Donors Choose as being more of a ‘professional’ (i.e. taking a large portion of the donations) charity than it was in the past. These programs can be used for non-science classes as well.

In any case, charity groups like this at least can get money into the hands of teachers seeking funds for their school projects or classroom without the middleman of the school administration or other interests. Consider a donation today!

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